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FireGeth at The Bell House

It's fair to say that Jo Firestone and Chris Gethard are two people who have lead the charge and set the bar when it comes to strange blends of comedy and performance art. In the past few years, between them they've staged shows such as:

- A festival held in an abandoned car wash.
- A show that involved a performer walking across America.
- A show where audience members performed for rooms full of dolls.
- A show where Diddy was somehow convinced to show up via Twitter.
- A show where audience members smashed things with sticks. That was the whole show.
- A show where an RV full of comedians traveled across America with their destinations determined by people on the internet in real time.
- A show where mixed martial artists physically assaulted performers as they tried to focus on completing the show.
- A show where unfunny comedians were mercilessly shot by a paintball gun in front of the audience if they were deemed not funny enough.

And many, many more.

Now these two ocd rabble rousers are putting their brains together to stage events that exist outside the box and involve/challenge the audience. The themes for these shows will not be announced beforehand. You have to just decide if you want to be there to be a part of it. While we can't promise success or a good time, we can promise that these shows will be unlike anything else.

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Later Event: June 30
Summer Fling at Union Hall